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You want to eat healthy

Balance Diet has several variants
1200 • 1500 • 1800 kcal
2000 • 2200 • 2500 kcal
additional options:
vege+fish • vege • gluten free
• lacto free • no fish • eat less meat • gluten&lacto free • immune
/ per day


You practice sport

Sport Diet has several variants
1800 • 2000 • 2200 • 2500 kcal
3000 • 3500 kcal
additional options:
vege+fish • gluten free • lacto free
• no fish
/ per day


You would like to lose weight

Slim Fit Diet has two caloric options
1000 • 1200 kcal
/ per day

Low Carb

Reducing carbohydrates

Low Carb Diet has several variants
1200 • 1500 • 1800 • 2000 • 2200 • 2500 kcal
/ per day


Weight reduction

Sirt diet consists of 3 steps
• I step 1000 kcal • II step 1200 kcal • III step 1400 kcal
additional option: vege+gluten free
/ per day

Dairy Free

Anti-inflammatory diet

The Dairy Free Diet comes in several calories: 1200 ● 1500 ● 1800 ● 2000 ● 2200 ● 2500 kcal
Free from lactose, dairy products, gluten and other pro-inflammatory ingredients.
/ per day


Rejuvenating and strengthening immunity

Bulion has one caloric option
1200 kcal
/ per day


For pregnant and lactating mothers

The Mama Diet is available in several caloric variants: 1500 • 1800 • 2000 • 2200 • 2500 kcal
/ per day

Handy Melas

A complete balanced liquid diet

The Handy Melas diet has a caloric value of 1200-1300 kcal
You get 5 out of 25 flavors every day
/ per day

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Don’t know which diet to choose?

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Still in doubt ...?

Still in doubt about which dietary catering to choose? Familiarize yourself with the LOVE offer and consult our dietitian to adjust the amount of calories to your lifestyle, activity and goal you want to achieve by choosing individual catering.

The ecological box diet will help you lose weight, maintain weight or improve your sports performance. And all this thanks to the highest quality ingredients on the basis of which we prepare dietary food every day.

...choose a diet full of LOVE

Consultation with a dietitian
szef kuchni

We make sure that ...

The dietary catering we offer was fully tailored to your needs, which is why you will find several different packages on offer: for people who practice sports, want to lose weight, and simply consciously and healthy eating. We know that good dietary catering should offer various options, so we have prepared several caloric variants for you to choose from. Our convenient diet includes: eating without meat, lactose or gluten.

Healthy meals do not have to be boring – we focus on a variety of dishes, rich in flavor and aroma. We reach for recipes from around the world, the classic ones that we prepare with our own twist, and the modern ones straight from the best restaurants, so that the boxed diet is a source of culinary novelties and previously unknown flavors for you.



Handy Melas - revolutionary liquid diet


How does it work?

of choice
You choose the diet, calories value, culinary preferences and the ingredients to exclude (if any)

You choose the days on which you wish your diet to be delivered – you don't have to choose the consecutive days

You choose any number of meals per day

We deliver the meals right to your door in the morning, within time slots which suit you the most

Sprawdź czy dowozimy do Ciebie


In LOVE we cook from the love of food, therefore in our kitchen we use only ingredients of the highest quality. We make sure that all our meals are delicious, colourful and healthy. Every day we put into the boxes new, diverse flavours: we use more than 1000 recipes designed under a strict supervision of our Dietician and Chef. The diets are available within the range from 1000 up to even 3500 calories. Owing to that, you can choose the calories intake that matches your individual needs. You are not sure which diet and amount of calories is right for you? Send us a message , we are always happy to help!

Balance Diet is based on the increased content of fruits and vegetables. If you would like to eat healthy and consciously, this set is right for you.
Sport Diet is a diet suggested for active people. Because we care about your performance and results, we decreased the level of carbohydrates in our meals, while increasing the amount of proteins and healthy fats.
Slim Fit Diet is going to help you lose the unwanted excessive kilograms. The meals are of big quantity and they have low calories supply at the same time, what makes losing weight a pleasure!
Low Carb Diet was created for people who are struggling with insulin sensitivity and for those who want to achieve great results in shaping their figure.
Sirt Diet known as the Adele diet, it is an effective way to reduce weight and inhibit the aging process in a short time. All this thanks to the sirtuins, known as the genes of youth. The diet consists of 3 stages. For best results, order it in the full 24-day program.
Mama Diet is our original nutritional program for pregnant women and a diet for breastfeeding mothers. Take care of LOVE about proper nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, which will provide you and your baby with the necessary nutrients.
Handy Meals is a set of surprising combinations of whole fruits, vegetables, super foods and other ingredients closed in 5 bottles. Despite its form, characteristic of a juice diet, in addition to vitamins and carbohydrates, they contain wholesome proteins, healthy fats and essential minerals, which makes them a comprehensive and well-balanced diet, full of surprising flavors every day.

The kind and caloric value of a diet should be matched to your lifestyle and individual nutritional requirements. In order to help you choose the right one we created a calculator on our website. You can also consult your diet with LOVE Dietician. Send us a message or call us at 666 871 399: we will help you choose the meals that perfectly match your needs.

Of course you can. Your health and culinary preferences are our priority! In LOVE you can choose elimination diets: Gluten Free, No Lactose, Vege or No Fish. In addition to that, you can exclude from your meals all the allergens and ingredients which you simply dislike. The first exclusion of an ingredient is free of charge; if you wish to exclude another ingredient, we are going to discuss it with you individually. Would you like to exclude a particular ingredient? Send us a message or call us without hesitation!

Our Dietician is going to help you choose the appropriate diet and match the menu to your individual needs. Remember that calories intake should not be too low: although its effects are visible quickly, they are short-lasting. Trust our Dietician and lose weight with LOVE!

Our driver delivers five delicious boxes to your door every day. You can choose in which 2-hour time slot they have to be delivered. Isn't that comfortable? We deliver in Cracow and its suburbs, Warsaw, Zakopane, Myslenice, Bukowina Tatrzanska and many more locations! You can find the details in your Order Panel.

In LOVE, we prepare the menu for 6 days a week. We deliver the boxes from Monday to Saturday. The meals ordered for Sundays are delivered together with the Friday order.

The price of the boxes depends on the type of a diet, calories value and for how long you order them. You can check the exact price in our order calculator.

You can order it at any time via Client Panel or via telephone at 666 871 399. Order it how you like it! However, you should remember that sets ordered before 8 PM are delivered after two days, and the ones ordered after 8 PM are delivered after 3 days.

If the order has been placed before 8 PM, you will have your first boxes delivered in two days. The orders placed after 8 PM are delivered in three days.

At one address we will deliver min. 3 boxes, and maximum... does not exist! However, we advise you to have your diet made of 5 meals a day. Owing to that, you will provide your body with regular nutrition and will not experience hunger or weakness.

You can change the address and time of delivery of your boxes before 12 AM the day before the delivery. You can make changes via Client Panel or via telephone at 666 871 339.

Let us know with two days' notice until 12 AM by marking the changes in Client Panel, or call our Client Helpdesk at 666 871 339.



Try the flavour of a restaurant closed in a box! Order a trial set at a special price for 1, 2 or 3 days.

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